What does it mean to be ‘in my body’?

09 February 2014

Does it feel a bit odd to even ask this question? Not to mind come up with an answer? We inhabit a body in this earthly experience that we call ‘Life’. From our conception through to our birth and all the way to our death we are housed in a body. If someone asks us where do we live  we… Read More

How to Eat

22 September 2013

We’ve looked at the importance of having a good breakfast, we’ve looked at various delicious and nourishing breakfast options, now I’d like to take a look at how to eat in the first place! I’m going to outline 3 good practice habits to develop. So often I find my customers tell me they suffer from bloating or reflux or a… Read More

Balanced Blood Sugar Levels = Balanced Person

15 September 2013

We don’t necessarily think of our blood as sweet but all the while as we go about our daily lives, a form of sugar is ciculated in our blood providing energy for our cells and keeping us going. Our bodies don’t like it when there is too much sugar in our blood and neither when there is too little. Both… Read More

The Importance of Breakfast

14 September 2013

In terms of a healthy diet (the way we eat to live well) the very first new daily habit to put into action is to eat a really good breakfast. One that is nutritious and delicious and that you will look forward to every day. After sleeping for, (hopefully), 8 hours we need to refuel our bodies for the day… Read More

Breakfast Options

12 September 2013

So now we are going to look at really great breakfast options! As we looked at in the last blog if digestive strength is poor in the morning there are simple tips to improve it. At Sonas health foods we encourage our customers to drink a good squeeze of lemon juice in warm water or cider vinegar in warm water… Read More