The Importance of Breakfast

September 14th. 2013

In terms of a healthy diet (the way we eat to live well) the very first new daily habit to put into action is to eat a really good breakfast. One that is nutritious and delicious and that you will look forward to every day.

After sleeping for, (hopefully), 8 hours we need to refuel our bodies for the day ahead. Skipping breakfast is a really bad habit to develop. It stops us feeding our bodies and our brains when we need it most and it tricks our bodies into holding onto energy reserves – this is what slows our metabolism and what makes it harder for us to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight if we need to. Slowed metabolism is the single biggest issue for the majority of our customers who have excess weight to lose.

At Sonas we ask our customes to think of your body as a car – you wouldn’t expect to go for two or three hours or more with no fuel in the tank – so it is with our bodies, we simply break down without good fuel!

The second next bad habit is to eat a poor quality breakfast.

White toast and tea offer almost nothing to run on and we quickly become hungry again and crave another sweet hit. Packaged breakfast cereals are not healthy as they are advertised to be. They are full of sugar and highly processed. Again they offer a short stop gap and do nothing to nourish us.

Using the car analogy, a poor breakfast is like putting cheaper and dirty fuel in the tank. We may save at the checkout but it won’t be long before we start sputtering and failing.

So we need to learn to make better breakfast choices and maybe even to begin to eat a breakfast in the first place!

If you find you have no appetite or can’t face solid food early in the morning, try a glass of hot water with a good squeeze of lemon to tickle your tastebuds into action. Leave a gap of half an hour, maybe go for a walk or some excercise, and then have a light breakfast. Often our digestive systems are so comprised by a lifetime of poor treatment that our actual digestive juices are in short supply. We literally lose our appetite and cannot digest well especially earlier in the day. In this instance several things can help such as natural digestive stimulants like lemon juice, cider vinegar or you can supplement at all meals with digestive enzymes. Once your digestive strength is restored you will feel more like eating early in the morning and you will break down your food better and feel more comfortable after eating.

So the main thing to remember is that if you want to perform well during the day and keep your weight regulated a good breakfast is key. Decision making, mood and energy are enhanced by breakfast. Our bodies learn to release energy easily when we are not starved of food for too long. Ironically skipping breakfast only makes us hungrier and makes it harder to lose any unwanted pounds.

So look forward to your breakfast, my next blog covers tasty ideas to start your day.
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