Born of a great desire to offer excellent, healthy products that were difficult to source locally, Sonas Health Foods was founded by Rosemarie Bennis. A native of Castletown Conyers, Co. Limerick, Rosemarie’s love of health food began in her mid-teens. Setting herself on a mission to learn all she could about Holistic Health, Rosemarie travelled extensively over the years and undertook qualifications and employment positions in the areas of Nutrition, Yoga and Reflexology.

Armed with life experience, a library of Holistic Health books and bucket loads of passion, Rosemarie returned home to Co. Limerick to begin an exciting new chapter. Converting the lack of dedicated health shops in Limerick into a welcome opportunity, Sonas Health Foods opened its doors for business on Lower Maiden Street, Newcastle West in 2001. To accommodate an expanding customer base and an ever-increasing product range, Sonas moved lock, stock and barrel to a bigger, more browser-friendly store down the street just five years later.

Thanks to the support of loyal customers and great dedication, Sonas has firmly established itself as a reliable and durable local health food store. Rosemarie’s trusted right-hand women, Triona Hayes and Joan Sheehan who have worked with Sonas for 10 years and 8 years, enable her to fulfil the health and wellness needs of the people of West Limerick. With natural personalities and a variety of valuable work experience, the team is given to exceptional customer service.

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Our Passion

Sonas helps you to live a full and balanced life through quality, feel-good health and wellness products. We provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere in a comfortable space that offers some respite from the hectic high street. With a shared enthusiasm and genuine staff rapport, we bring a personable touch and know many of our customers by first name or product preference. At Sonas we understand the importance of a pleasant shopping experience and we simply love to see our customers leave with smiles on their faces.

Sonas is a West Limerick health store with a difference. We really care about bringing about optimum results for our customers and aim to provide a complete, tailored service. Evaluating the needs of each individual, we help match the right product to the right person. Our primary goal is to enable our customers to develop confidence in their ability to solve their own health issues. Educating and informing, we equip customers with the relevant skills, tools, tips, leaflets and links to help them gain a deeper understanding of their personal health.

Witnessing the enjoyment and transformation in our customers as they benefit from their own positive health choices is what truly motivates us at Sonas. From the discovery of a favourite new spread or an herbal remedy that gives great relief from a nagging pain, we are nourished by our customers as we continue to learn from them.

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Our Growth

Sonas is committed to the ongoing research of new products and information and the discovery of fresh ways to deal with challenging health issues. With growing awareness around the link between body and mind, we aspire to become increasingly skilled in dealing with the many aspects of the human condition.

Sonas is an active member of the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS), a member-driven group that seeks to maintain the highest standards of training and service in its stores. Trained to industry levels in sales protocol, product knowledge and retail management, IAHS provides a framework for our continued safe and reputable work. It is also our link to wider national and international activities in Holistic Health, in particular in the area of EU legislation. In recent years there has been a minefield of legislative change in the areas of Traditional Herbal Medicines, Nutritional Supplements and Product Labelling. At Sonas we keep abreast of these developments and initiatives through our representative association.

Additional weekly in-house Sonas training focuses on the application of new products, protocols, shop promotions and events to ensure staff can maintain and share their Holistic Health expertise. We also actively attend national training lectures to avail of specialised supplier information. The Sonas product range is continually adapted to our customers’ needs. For the best of health shops in Limerick, call to Sonas today at Lower Maiden Street, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick.

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