Breakfast Options

September 12th. 2013

So now we are going to look at really great breakfast options!

As we looked at in the last blog if digestive strength is poor in the morning there are simple tips to improve it. At Sonas health foods we encourage our customers to drink a good squeeze of lemon juice in warm water or cider vinegar in warm water with some honey to help to trigger your taste buds. Light excercise before breakfast can be a great idea if you can schedule it in. Then after a shower you are ready and hungry for something delicious! If anything solid seems like too much try a juice, anything you have in your cupboard goes and try adding carrots, green leaves, peppers etc to any fruit you have, add some ginger or cinnamon or any spice you like to bring out the flavour. There are no rules, just follow your tastebuds! The one proviso is that you need to invest in a good quality juicer, preferably a single or twin gear slow juicing machine that extracts the bulk of the fruit and veg and that preserves the goodness by slowly extracting the juice.

You can also consider a smoothie

similar idea to a juice, just with more bulk and nourishment. In a jug chop up some fruit, add natural yogurt or milk of any kind, some seeds or a spoon of nut butter and whizz it all together with a stick blender. Several of our customers at Sonas in Limerick add oats for a more fulfilling liquid breakfast, soaked for an hour or overnight is even better for easier digestion. This is such an easy option and requires no expensive equipment. A stick blender is a great investment and will become your best kitchen friend. Fruit can be fresh or frozen or both, have a couple of jars of seeds or nuts near to hand and all it takes is just combining a bit of this and a bit of that in the proportion you like. For sweetness add some dried fruit such as raisins, apricots or prunes. If you’re watching your blood sugar levels go easy on these (we will look at this in a later blog.)

If you already use a cereal consider either making your own

i.e granola or muesli or switch to making porridge, the number 1 breakfast food sold at Sonas. Soak the oats overnight with a handful of some seeds – pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and linseed are all full of minerals and good fats and add texture and quality protein to your first meal of the day. Add raisins and/or sweetened soya milk if you want added sweetness, try cooking porridge in half water/half milk or even leave out the milk if you want a lighter texture or if you want a dairy free option. There are so many variations, include cinnamon, mixed spice, a drizzle of agave syrup or good quality honey. A little creamed coconut grated in at the end of cooking is delicious as is a grated apple or chopped banana at the start of cooking.

Making muesli and granola is easy

muesli is the raw version but a good idea is to make it in the original style ( Bircher Muesli) and soak the oats in apple juice or with grated apple overnight. This makes it easy to digest and more tasty. Granola is where you coat the oats in a mixture of sweetner such as maple, honey or agave with good quality oil – unrefined sunflower or Rapeseed. Then spread the slightly wet grains flat on a lined baking sheet and bake in the oven at a low temperature. Add any combination of seeds, dried fruit and nuts that you like half way through cooking and store in an airtight jar once cooled. Delicious on its own or as a porridge topping, with yoghurt, fruit crumble or fruit salad – at any time of day!

Eggs are fabulous for breakfast. Scrambled, boiled, poached, even fried in a little decent oil or butter. Enjoy with wholemeal toast, strips or smoked salmon or good quality bacon. A boiled egg is the ultimate ‘to go’ breakfast!

If you just fancy toast then make sure it is wholemeal and as homemade as possible. Brown soda bread toasted with a spread of peanut or almond butter topped with a couple of slices of banana is a really delicous, nourishing option and is great for a day when you’re late and need to pack a breakfast to take with you. So enjoy your breakfast and check out my next blog which will look at the importance of having protein with each meal, keeping energy and blood sugar levels balanced. All the recipe ideas posted are good examples.

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