Balanced Blood Sugar Levels = Balanced Person

September 15th. 2013

We don’t necessarily think of our blood as sweet but all the while as we go about our daily lives, a form of sugar is ciculated in our blood providing energy for our cells and keeping us going.

Our bodies don’t like it when there is too much sugar in our blood and neither when there is too little. Both extremes cause a chain of events that place huge stress on our organs and reserves. So the optimum situation for a happy body is to have a nice, steady stream of sugar supplying our energy needs throughout the day. Think of it as a steady drip feed, neither too fast or slow.

The way to achieve this is to take in regular meals that can be transformed into the blood sugar we need to fuel us.

Now we could eat breakfast cereal, white bread and scones, biscuits, bars and fizzy drinks the whole day and we certainly wouldn’t starve. But because the ‘sugar hit’ will wear off after about an hour we will need to eat something again or have a cup of coffee or tea, with sugar maybe, just to keep us going. This is fine for a while and most of us get away with it when we’re in our teens and twenties. But after a while ( usually in our thirties, certainly by our forties!) our bodies get really tired of this ‘quick fix fuel’ with its poor nutrient content and this is where we start to develop symptoms of inflammation and degeneration. We also start storing fat around our bellies, as excess sugar makes us store fat.

So what can you do to break this habit of cheap and addicitive ‘food’which offers us nothing? There are so many delicious and nourishing foods out there, it will become one of the best and most fulfilling habits you can develop

I often say to my customers that it is easier to give up cigarettes than it is to give up sugar! And its not just the added sugar in drinks, but the everyday ‘foods’ we fill our cupboards with that breakdown in no time at all into sugar. These are not actually foods at all, but thieves as they rob us of so much.

So if you, like many of my customers, are looking to break the cycle of sweets and snacking and if you’d like to achieve optimum energy levels throughout the day try adopting these good habits:
1.Have a good breakfast as I outlined in an earlier blog.
2.Don’t go too long between meals and adopt the habit of having good quality protein and slow-release carbohydrates in every meal.

This may sound a little technical but its just terminology for everyday foodstuffs. In essence it means food that is as near as possible to its natural, whole state. Having a protein rich food at each meal slows down the release of blood sugar and helps us feel fuller for longer. Wholegrains also contain lots of fibre which again help us feel fuller for longer and crucially help our bowels do a good job.

Examples of Nutritious Carbohydrates = Wholemeal bread, pasta, brown rice, potatoes in their jackets, all vegetables and fruit.

Examples of Protein =  meat, cheese, fish, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils.

Get your blood sugar levels balanced and you will find that not only will your energy levels become more even and sustained but your weight, hormone balance and general attitude to life will all even out and become more positive.

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