Sonas is Irish for Happiness, the quality of Lightness of Spirit. Encompassing the elements of body, mind and spirit in a truly holistic manner, at Sonas Health Foods we help you to Find Happiness Within.

Sonas Health Foods is located in Lower Maiden Street, Newcastle West. Currently in its twelfth year in business, the West Limerick health store has developed a reputation for unrivalled customer service on all aspects of nutrition and wellbeing.

Sonas offers a variety of feel-good health and wellness solutions for the body, mind and spirit. Our extensive range of nourishing, quality foods includes a wide selection of gluten-free goods. We also stock a vast assortment of dietary supplements, herbal remedies, flower remedies, incense and candles, natural skin care and homeopathy and aromatherapy products. At Sonas, we believe that information is at the heart of a healthful life. Our mission is to empower each individual to understand and overcome their own health dilemmas.

To this end if you wish to get a more indepth analysis we offer specialist clinics with excellent, experienced practitioners. Test for Food Intolerances, Mineral and Vitamin deficiencies and the Bach Flower Remedies. Clinics at Sonas every second Thursday, 2-5pm. Mary Kerin, Nutritional Therapist, offers detailed consultations resulting in a dietary programme tailored to you.  Mary attends Sonas every second Friday, 11am-3pm.

With a gentle, holistic and entirely customer-centred approach, Sonas has earned its place as a leading health store in Limerick. If you have a specific health and wellbeing question or simply fancy a browse or want to purchase a gift voucher, call into Sonas today for a chat with our friendly, expert staff. Our doors are always open!